Catalogue NILED 20191018

C ONNEXIONS ON A ERIAL B UNDLE C ONDUCTORS . 6kV waterproof Insulation Piercing connectors . 4kV dielectric (Independant insulating jacket) tap connectors . Accessories , Service braids, Junction modules, Junction links... . Terminal insulated connectors, fuse - holders, tap jacket for concentric insulated conductors... . Terminal lugs, Junction connectors, rising connexion on poles. . Low Voltage « aerial - underground » connexions C ONNEXIONS ON B ARE M AIN L INES . Simultaneous tightening connectors, piercing type on tap side . Independant tightening connectors, piercing type on tap side . Connectors to install on hot live lines with insulated stick . Direct contact tap connectors, paralell grooves clamps . U - bolted connectors (terminal lugs, junction, tap derivation…) A CCESSORIES FOR U NDERGROUND N ETWORKS . Pre - filled polymeric gel boxes (with or without connector included) . Insulated boxes to fill with resin (with or without connector included) . Junction splices or terminal lugs (alu or copper - alu crimping) . Junction connectors & terminal lugs with fuse - head bolt(s) tightening . Piercing type tap connectors . Mechanically reinforced boxes . Various accessories (Warning grill to limit working area, Warning tapes) A CCESSORIES FOR I NDUSTRY , W IRING , E ARTHING . Suspension grips / Steel or nylon material . Accessories for wiring connexions (pin, ring, spade terminals…) . Nylon cable ties . Terminal lugs & junction connectors for souple conductors (class 5 - 6) . Earthing accessories (Rods, connectors, C type copper connectors, CUF) A B C D